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I have been working out at Karma since 2018 and honestly speaking even though new gyms are coming up every day but I still choose to stick to karma, mainly because of the set of trainers. I have a lot of good thoughts and best wishes for my personal trainer Subhrojyoti Ghosh as his enthusiasm and knowledge towards the training pattern has been very helpful for me. Kudos to the Karma Team.

Payel Bose
Owner of Kimli Restaurant
I have been a member with Karma Fitness Studio for more than 8 years. I am a cricketer by profession and my training in the gym has improved my performance on the cricket field. I highly recommend sportspersons like me to join this facility. The trainers are very helpful and professional. Thanks to Team Karma

Imran Ali Khan
I have joined Karma Gym it’s been a month and I have to say it “Each and Every Staff Out There is So Friendly And The Services Are Outstanding” “A perfect environment to be in” A Huge Shoutout to my Personal Trainer ‘Biswajit Das’ who is helping me a lot and giving his 110% to help me to achieve my goal physique and “Pushing me in Each Reps” I love him a lot for how he is helping me and guiding me over this incredible journey, I am enjoying a lot & my body is telling me that I am getting close to my goal physique each day. Karma is the best!

Sourav Sarkar aka Mc Sourav
Google Verified Rapper/Singer/Actor
I have been associated with and working out in Karma for a very long time and the best thing about Karma is its user friendly ambience and also its quality of equipment, well-mannered crews and the disciplines. I have roamed around the country and worked out in many places but I have found full support from Karma starting from gym machineries to stretching, body massage and supporting steam bath facilities.
Happy and Healthy: so let's karma

PC Sorcar (Pourush)
I was so tired and exhausted all the time. I hated to walk. Then I decided to change and I joined Karma Fitness Studio. In karma the best part is the people over here become like your family. They push you and motivate you to do better and be better. My trainers helped me lose 19 kg in 1½ year. Thanks to Karma and my trainers.

Papiya Majumder